Surf Boating

Surf Rowing Captain:  Dave Clements


Welcome to Surf Boating!

Pirates has been a top surf boating club for many decades, and is currently the South African title holders.

The aim of the game is to row your boat out through the surf and turn around, then catch a wave back to shore. The first boat back to the beach wins. Sounds simple, right? Actually, it’s anything but. Surf rowing is an extreme sport, and certainly one of the most exciting events at any Lifesaving carnival.

Pirates currently has an A and a B surfboat crew. We are busy putting together a junior crew (U19) who will hopefully compete at Nationals in Port Elizabeth in March 2020.

We are constantly in search of individuals who are looking to learn the sport in any age ranging from 16 up to 50.  Are you up for it?

We offer comprehensive coaching on rowing machines to correct stroke technique, then in-boat coaching on flat water until you are deemed competent enough to row in the surf. Once you master the surf, surf boating is by far the most exciting sport on the planet.

Come down to PIrates and join us – we row most Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.

You may contact the following if you are interested:

Dave Clements – 082 881-9224
Clint Wreghitt – 083 789-2600