SPLC Soapbox 05 April 2019

Saturday 06 April 2019 7:30AM – 6:30PM
Andile Mole
Sizwe Shongwe
Sibusiso Sibiya
Harrison Kheswa
Zuko Dangwane

Sunday 07 March 2019 7:30AM—6:30PM
Travis Misdorp
Cian Wilkes
William Pearse
Gabe Sjouerman
Ntokozo Cele
Kwazi Dlongolo
Jarred Scruby
Tyra Bolton
Laura McAlister
Terri Prato

Training will be informal for the month of April-please keep track on all group chats for updates.
Tues and Thurs 5:30am—7:00am – Please bring your running shoes and cozzies!
Saturday Park Run and Ironman 8am at the Club

Please may I ask that all outstanding accounts over 90 days, be settled at your earliest convenience. Should you be unsure of your balance, please feel free to contact the office directly.

See you on the beach