PLC Lookout 24 May 2019

Ahoy everyone

Please keep an eye on the group chats for any impromptu sessions or feel free to pop down to the club  should the little ones want to keep their feet wet.

There are a few dates to put on your calendar please:
25 May – The PUP will be held at the club with a 7am start.
25 May—The clubs annual Prizegiving dinner will be taking place. Please book with the office should you wish to

The program for tomorrow nights dinner is as follows:
4 pm arrive
4:45pm—welcome speech by Club Chairman
5pm—Nipper Prizegiving will begin
6pm—guest speaker
6:30pm Junior, Senior and Boaties Prize giving
Dinner will follow

Please note these times are just a guideline.

Please note that those members who have outstanding amounts owing on their accounts, have been suspended. Should you wish to query any transactions on your account, please contact the office immediately.

The club is in the process of  selecting a new committee. Should you wish to be a part of the new committee or should you wish to be involved in some way to support the committee, please contact the office immediately.

See you on the beach